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This page is updated every once in a while to include the most frequently asked questions.

The company is officially registered in Egypt and has a tax record and a tax card. In short, all your rights are reserved. Some stats are collected in order to expand and register the company in other countries soon.

In any case, our company is subject to Egyptian laws and regulations, which makes your right preserved. You do not deal with ordinary Freelancers, but rather with an official entity recognized in Egypt and some other countries.

We professionally plan to carry out your service before the date we specify. Where we put the actual date and add to it our official holidays with some time added in case of any delay. Therefore, we always deliver projects before the agreed date.

We assume that there is already a delay, what will happen then?

If the delay is on your part, there is no problem, as sometimes we need some data from you and we are waiting to receive it, and this sometimes takes time if you are busy.
If the delay is from us, you are entitled to a refund of 50% of the cost of the service, and we are responsible for our words.

We appreciate that you may encounter a problem and need to recover the cost paid, so we have developed some policies that we adhere to according to your situation…

Regarding refunds, refunds are possible according to the following situations:

In the event that the work does not start, the full amount will be returned with deduction of the transfer fee only.
In the event that the work has started, what has been implemented will be evaluated and deducted from the amount received, and the remainder will be sent with deduction of transfer fees. If what was executed was more than the amount received, the customer must send the remainder of the requested amount.

Payments are mainly received via Western Union, but we support PayPal and bank transfer to our account in Egypt, and we support e-wallets inside Egypt.

We accept checks and they are sent to the company’s headquarters in Egypt, and work will not start until the check balance is received.

This depends on your project and the number of projects we have. In other words, if your project will not need much time, we will try to save some time for it to implement it as soon as possible, but if we cannot save time, your project will be included in our waiting list, and you will be notified when it is first in the list.

Yes, of course, we know that prices may be high for some, since our services are around the world, so you can pay the cost once before starting work, or you can pay the amount in installments.

For information to start work, at least 50% of the cost must be received, and the remainder must be agreed on the payment dates, as a maximum, before 80% of the project is completed.

Of course, we have technical support, but it varies from one service to another, so you should check the details of the services well, and you can ask about that while communicating with us to book your project.

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